Sunday March 7 will be Grandmothers Day! This somewhat special year, they deserve to be celebrated more than ever. Maybe you will have the chance to visit him to give him a small gift. Short of ideas? Why not give him a nice pair of reading glasses? We are going to give you 5 good reasons to offer proximity glasses to your favorite grandmother.

Grandmother's Day
1. A useful and practical gift

Over the years, glasses have become a very trendy accessory. The vast majority of the population wears glasses, but it is more common among the elderly. If you don't have gift ideas, you can opt for proximity glasses ! It is a simple, light and useful gift.

2. Protect your eyes from screen light

    With age, the eyes age and the perception of things is not the same as at 20 years old. In addition, the days spent in front of the screens do not help the problem due to the UV rays emitted. This is why Varionet offers proximity glasses with age-appropriate correction , with the possibility of adding the anti-reflective anti-blue light treatment .

    3. Perfect for the kitchen

    We spend our Wednesday afternoons preparing a good snack with Grandma. All of them have a notebook in their kitchen with delicious recipes that they pass down from generation to generation. To make the recipe well , Proximity glasses are the most suitable for his sight .

    4. Tell stories

    Before nap or bedtime, reading a tale or a story is sometimes essential to spend a pleasant night. To make this reading more fluid and comfortable, opt for proximity glasses .

    5. Spend less time looking for them

    We have all heard this sentence before: but where did my glasses go? By offering reading glasses and even several pairs to your grandmother, she can leave some in every room! And you can also accessorize it with a cord or a colored glasses necklace .

    For the occasion, Varionet is offering you a 15 % discount on ALL reading glasses and a cleaning microfiber with a colorful decor with the code GM15 .

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