Reading glasses for work in titanium

For your long hours of work on the screens you want comfortable, light and robust computer glasses. Titanium reading glasses are what you need! Titanium , this extremely light material has many advantages and is widely used in the world of optics. Titanium glasses are hypo-allergenic, ultra-light, solid, comfortable and, depending on the alloy used, very flexible .

Computer glasses with a classic and timeless look

For you, reading glasses should be quality, classic and solid? Varionet has selected branded reading glasses for working on a screen , made with high-quality, high-performance materials for ever greater comfort and lightness. Choose yours from Arrow reading glasses, John Lennon glasses, French -made Airo glasses ...

Colorful and fashionable computer glasses

For those who wish to wear light, comfortable and colorful reading glasses , we offer flexible beta-titanium shape memory glasses equipped with flex temples in acetate or titanium to choose from the Titanium Flex brand.

Thanks to this alloy, the temples and the bridge regain their shape even if you sit on them!

Find many models to be fitted with digressive reading glasses with an anti-reflective anti-blue light treatment for even more comfort and protection in front of your screens!