Wearing a mask is now compulsory in many countries including France. Whether in public transport, in public places, in high schools, the mask has quickly become an essential part of our daily lives.

Why is my prescription glasses or sunglasses fogging up?

When you wear eyeglasses and a mask or a mask-visor for several hours, everyone can notice the formation of fog on the glasses .

Indeed, when exhaling the hot breath mainly escapes through the top of the mask and comes into contact with the glasses lenses. The vapor thus created fogs the lenses and makes vision uncomfortable and blurred. In addition, this excess humidity reduces the grip of your glasses on the nose and they slip more.

Goggles with and without anti-fog microfiber

The importance of positioning your mask correctly?

Positioning your mask correctly is the first thing to do to prevent fogging! This will best protect you from the various particles suspended in the ambient air (pollens, viruses, bacteria...) and less of your breath will escape, thus avoiding excessive fogging. To do this, make sure your mask fits snugly around the nose and cheeks. There must be as little play as possible between your face and the mask, the flexible metal reinforcement is there to help you.

Once the mask is properly adjusted, place your corrective glasses over it as usual.

The usefulness of anti-fog microfibers for my glasses?

With this annoying phenomenon, there are many tips to stop your glasses from fogging up, many of them bordering on absurd! Shaving foam, for example, which will damage the surface treatments of your glasses, or soap which will make bubbles!!

The ideal, practical and inexpensive solution: anti-fog microfibers.

These microfibers are impregnated with a specific solution derived from nanotechnology which reduces condensation on the lenses. They are specially designed to be used with your glasses or sunglasses without the risk of altering the treatment of the lenses. These anti-fog wipes are made with a soft fabric eliminating any risk of scratches.

How long does an optical anti-fog microfiber last?

The anti-fog cloth or chamois can be used at least 100 times and even more than 200 times for the "cleaning" of your glasses, helmets or visors . To optimize its longevity, be sure to store it in an airtight plastic bag after use. 

Very important : do not wash the anti-fog microfiber to maintain its effectiveness.

How to use an anti-fog cloth?

At first it is imperative to clean your glasses well with a cleaning spray and a Varionet microfiber cloth and dry them well.

You will then pass the anti-fog cloth several times on both sides of each lens, you will be quiet for at least 8 hours!

Attention: do not wash the anti-fog lens cloth or even wet it, it would lose its properties and its effectiveness.

Where to buy anti-fog microfibers?

Varionet offers a selection of anti-fog cloth from different brands:

- KELNET anti-fog microfiber at 9.90€, use 100 times

- ONIKLAIR anti-fog microfiber at 11.90€, used 200 times

- High Tech VARIONET anti-fog microfiber at 11.90€, used 300 times

Choose yours!