Innovation: do-it-yourself sunglasses or white and corrective glasses

Varionet, always in innovation, offers DIY corrective glasses for presbyopia on its site and in many DIY stores in France and throughout Europe.

Do-it-yourself corrective solar glasses

The optical designer Varionet offers a unique product on the market: diy solar and corrective glasses . We knew the classic do-it-yourself protective glasses made of transparent polycarbonate.

Varionet adds a double functionality, sun protection lenses for outdoor DIY during the summer season, and corrective proximity lenses for people suffering from presbyopia. Do -it-yourself glasses for presbyopia display diopter corrections ranging from +1.00 to +3.50 allowing DIY work at near and mid-distance in perfect visual comfort, and in complete safety.
Do-it-yourself glasses for presbyopic put manual work within everyone's reach.

DIY involves reading

At the time of all-out Internet surfing, the optical designer offers do-it-yourself glasses for presbyopia, both solar and protective for outdoor work, but also models of do-it-yourself glasses allowing the reading of notices on computer screens or tablets. In fact, the do-it-yourselfer uses category 3 solar presbyopic DIY glasses , both corrective and protective against impact. But during the phases of external work, he must often follow in parallel valuable DIY advice provided on a website or on a notice and may have to tinker inside, without his sight being darkened by the presence of a solar filter. .
That's why Varionet offers non- sunglasses for reading and DIY indoors.

Blue light blocking glasses

For do-it-yourselfers or workers under the age of 40 and without visual defects, Varionet offers anti-blue light protective glasses . These are ideal for electricians, technicians working around LEDs and various devices that emit harmful blue light. They protect your eyes, increase contrast, prevent visual fatigue and reduce the effects of exposure to blue light.