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Lanvin is a French fashion house created in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin . It remains today the oldest in activity . Lanvin also makes haute couture accessories, including glasses .
The origins of the brand
The success story of this brand is amazing. Jeanne Lanvin sews children's clothes for her daughter . The children's mothers attending the same school as her daughter and enjoyed the creations. One after the other they order. It is from this moment that she will become an unparalleled haute couture designer and the creations of the Lanvin house will amaze the world. The emblem of the fashion house is the symbol of maternal love that Jeanne has for her daughter.
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"It is to amaze her, that one thing leads to another, she will amaze the world"

Louise de Vilmorin

Today the brand is still present, and still much appreciated for its unique and exclusive pieces.
Lanvin glasses
Lanvin glasses are of rare quality . The frames are in acetate , imitation wood , marble or metal : very trendy !
Very comfortable and fashionable, it is a discreet and classic but essential piece.
On Varionet , in addition to the choice of frames , you can choose the treatment of your lenses: for presbyopia with reading glasses for those over 40, anti-blue light lenses for glasses that protect you from digital screens or even glasses with corrective lenses . Comes with cases and Lanvin microfiber.
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lanvin glasses