Dark circles are linked to a difference in the color of the skin at the level of the lower eyelid. Often, they are due to a lack of sleep but not only... and always give a tired and aged look! What solutions to fix it?

The problem of dark circles

Sunken eyes

The appearance of dark circles or bags under the eyes is linked to a poor blood circulation and dysregulation of lymphatic tissues. It is important to note that the epidermis under the eyes is up to 4 times thinner than on the rest of the body , a very thin skin that is often attacked and marked.
There are two types of dark circles:

  • chestnuts: linked to a natural overproduction of melanin. The eye contour is darker, in shades ranging from golden to brown. Hereditary, these dark circles are more common in Mediterranean skin.
  • bluish: they are linked to poor blood circulation often induced by fatigue.

Fight dark circles

There are several tips for fighting dark circles . First of all it is important to have a healthy lifestyle, to moisturize your face well with a day cream adapted to your skin type and finally to revive the circulation perform massages around the eyes. These tips apply to bluish dark circles because for brown, hereditary, they are much more difficult to remove (you can still hide them with foundation).
To avoid being surrounded it is also necessary to avoid visual fatigue.

Reduce visual fatigue

Do you work daily in front of a screen and you see dark circles and puffiness appear under your eyes? Varionet offers you to opt for new generation computer rest glasses. Indeed they are equipped with an anti-reflective anti-blue light treatment Cool Blue ™ » which filters up to 100% of UV rays and harmful artificial blue light given off by screens: computer, television, telephone... and therefore protects the eyes. Say goodbye to dark circles!