As we have already seen previously, the digital world in which we live demands a little more of our sight every day to the detriment of the other senses. This causes visual fatigue and other inconveniences.

Young people under 30 and especially children are the most vulnerable, 3/4 of them experience different symptoms of digital visual fatigue.
A person's risk of digital eyestrain is determined by how often and for how long they use these digital devices.
The simultaneous use of several devices and the proximity of these becomes a key element.
Computers, tablets and smartphones are the cause of this type of fatigue due to the emission of blue light, which penetrates the eye more intensely than other wavelengths .
Numerous studies confirm that the wavelength of blue light affects concentration and attention during the day. And it can cause a sudden disruption of sleep at night, these alterations are associated with an increasing vulnerability to chronic diseases.

Practical advice:

  • The 20/20 rule: every 20 minutes you spend in front of the screen, take a 20 second break while looking at least six meters away
  • Avoid glare on screens , which dazzle the eyes and cause visual fatigue Arrange your workspace as well as possible.
  • Stretch your arm to calculate the optimal distance from the computer screen : the palm of your hand should touch your screen.
  • Wear blue-blocking glasses: These glasses have anti- reflective coating applied to the lenses that selectively filters out harmful blue-violet light emitted by screens. Cool Blue computer glasses reduce glare, improve contrast and help prevent premature aging of the eye , because our eyes are not designed or ready to spend so many hours in front of screens.

Why choose Cool Blue blue light glasses?

These blue light glasses are the effective solution for people who use screens for several hours a day and notice visual fatigue.
These are the blue light blocking glasses designed for the digital life, their innovative technology helps focus the eye's efforts when using digital devices.

With their blue light anti-reflection and their comfort correction or decreasing lenses for presbyopia, they are suitable for many users who experience :

  • Reduced eye strain , even with prolonged use of digital devices
  • Improved reading of small print.
  • Increased contrasts , high definition vision
  • Protection from the toxic effects of UV and blue-violet light

For children, the Cool Blue+ anti-blue light glasses are ideal for protecting their eyes; without correction they are suitable for all players!

We too, at Varionet, depending on our needs and ages, we use the Cool Blue computer glasses when we work because we spend long hours in front of our screens every day!