Visual disturbances at work

8 out of 10 employees say they feel visual discomfort and eye disorders at work . Headaches, dry eyes, neck stiffness, dazzling and visual fatigue are the various symptoms. Many of them take up to 5 breaks per day to rest the vision. Of the more than alarming figures which endanger the eyesight of employees as well as the economy of companies.

Vision disorders in employees that impact work performance

According to a study carried out this year by Asnav , more than one out of two employees takes at least one break a day to rest their eyesight and 13% take up to 5 breaks a day to relieve various ocular discomforts. Such figures, to which must be added the work stoppages which are constantly increasing, can cause serious concern for companies. Indeed, this would lead to a huge loss of productivity, up to 1.5 million euros per day .

Where do vision problems in employees come from and how do you simply remedy them?

56% of employees say they are mainly disturbed by the light at work :
– 23% by outdoor light
– 13% by interior light
– 20% for both

If you work in front of a screen (computer, monitor, etc.), it is advisable to protect yourself from blue light released by the LEDs of the screens and which causes major ailments: headache, dry eyes, visual fatigue, red and itchy eyes... For this, it is enough to equip yourself with a pair of computer glasses and also to protect your screen with an anti-harmful artificial blue light filter.
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If the problems persist, it is important to consult an eye specialist, ophthalmologist, optometrists, opticians...