Many believe that myopia is the most common visual defect; but this is not the case even if it could become so in 50 years with the epidemics of myopia linked to the use of smartphones. In general , the population is farsighted but this defect, less embarrassing than myopia, is little diagnosed, the farsighted person generally only suffers from visual fatigue. But after 45 years myopic or farsighted everyone becomes presbyopic !

What is myopia ?

Myopia is the best known visual defect because it is the most annoying and also the easiest to explain. Indeed a myope does not see from afar, on the other hand he sees perfectly up close. The image of a distant object is formed in front of the retina in the myopic, which is why he sees blurry. On the contrary, a close object is seen perfectly, indeed its image forming on the retina.

This is why if you are nearsighted you wonder why you after 45 years remove your glasses for more comfort close?

myopic eye

Presbyopia and myopia: 2 opposite defects.

Often to simplify eye care professionals say that these two visual defects are opposites , this is not exactly the case but it is a simple way to understand. A short-sighted person will never see correctly from a distance without eye aids, glasses, lenses, on the other hand, he always sees well up close without these; this is why he takes off his glasses to see closely when presbyopia develops!

It is the "revenge" of the short-sighted who has often been a laughing stock since his early childhood can finally take off his glasses and have super vision while the others are unable to read a menu, a telephone number... and are desperately looking for their eyeglasses...

For contact lens wearers it's different; they cannot permanently remove and insert their contact lenses. So you will see many of them wearing reading glasses or magnifying glasses like every emmetropic person ( no visual defect) . Some opt for progressive lenses offering correct distance and near vision. These lenses are not yet suitable for everyone and the majority prefer glasses.

Varionet and myopes-presbyopes

Varionet offers presbyopia reading glasses equipped with proximity lenses perfect for the computer, music, daily activities at home or at work for all wearers of contact lenses correcting myopia or all vision defects of far. To know your correction, don't hesitate to do our presbyopia test with your lenses and to find out more about presbyopia glasses, it's here !