You wear progressive glasses ; and these bring you little comfort for local activities? Have you been wearing them for a while and can't get used to them? Or you need some but you don't really want it because you feel too young?!

Only one answer to these questions: Mid-distance glasses !

Varionet opticians have developed mid-distance glasses equipped with new technology lenses , lenses that help you not only find clear and sharp near vision BUT also perfect proximity vision !

An ideal innovation for first-time presbyopes or progressive wearers.

mid distance reading glasses

The innovative process of Varionet reading glasses for presbyopia

Varionet mid-distance glasses allow you to find an evolutionary vision of a high quality.

Stemming from French research conducted by opticians and optical engineers, Varionet lens technology for presbyopes combines both near vision for detailed work, reading, DIY, etc., but also high-quality mid-distance vision. (ideal for working in front of a screen, playing music, tinkering, etc.).

Additionally, with their wide and scalable vision areas with little astigmatism, Varionet mid-distance glasses offer stable vision with absolute comfort and high precision . This is why Varionet mid-distance glasses are a very good choice for presbyopes in addition to progressive glasses.

Mid-distance anti-blue light glasses from top brands at exceptional prices!

In addition to visual comfort, we offer several options depending on your needs! You spend your days in front of screens, opt for mid-distance anti-blue light glasses , with Cool Blue anti-reflective treatment to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV and blue radiation. You like to read outdoors, choose reading sunglasses fitted with category 3 tinted mid-distance lenses. Lenses to be mounted on glasses Ray Ban , Lacoste ,  Calvin Klein , Versace , Arrow and even Tom Ford at exceptional prices (Up to -70%).