LACOSTE, green crocodile sunglasses

Iconic logo of the Lacoste brand, the green crocodile was embroidered on the blazers and shirts of French tennis players in 1926 at the request of René Lacoste.
Since then, this company has grown and become famous with its famous polo shirt. Lacoste has been able to renew itself and evolve in important ranges of products: clothing, shoes, leather goods, caps, perfumes and sunglasses or eyeglasses .
This BCBG brand is now very popular with young people and famous artists, athletes, journalists wear the emblematic polo shirt available in a whole palette of colors. This spring, the brand joined forces with the International Union for Conservation of Nature by marketing a range of polo shirts with original logos bearing the image of endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger and the Sunda rhinoceros. This program was very successful, all this limited series was quickly sold out.

Lacoste reading glasses or sunglasses

To have the style of the crocodile, Lacoste glasses also have the discreet sign of a top-of-the-range, elegant, relaxed and sporty brand. Acetate or metal frames, they are timeless and elegant. Many models are reminiscent of the piqué knit of traditional polo shirts.

Varionet has chosen for you a selection of Lacoste glasses that are easy to wear every day at exceptional prices. For screen work and depending on your age, you can choose Lacoste anti-blue light glasses with rest lenses or decreasing presbyopia lenses or for the sun, solar reading glasses to take advantage of sunny days.