stroke and vision

A stroke, stroke or stroke is caused by a blood clot causing the interruption of blood circulation in a larger or larger area of ​​the brain. Stroke is the third cause of death in France , there are several ways to recognize the symptoms. This makes it possible to act more quickly and to avoid irreversible causes.


Sudden Loss of Sight: Beware of Strokes

A stroke can affect everyone , there is no age or physical factor. Being one of the leading causes of death in France It is important to communicate about all the symptoms that occur before the accident. Among these different symptoms, memory disorder, loss of speech, fatigue, loss of balance, numbness of the face, violent headaches, malaise, tremor, paralysis, are also found disturbance or total loss of sight . You can indeed lose up to half of your visual field or even have double vision at the start of a stroke.
Whether you have vision problems or not, a sudden disorder or loss of sight is not trivial it may indeed be one of the symptoms of stroke. It is therefore important to take into account all the symptoms of this tragic accident, including that of sight ( which is not sufficiently communicated ) in order to anticipate it better . If you experience some of these symptoms no need to wait can be fatal, so it is urgent to call an emergency number such as 15 or 112 before it is too late.
Many strokes cause irreversible lesions at the level of the brain and causes in the individual: Loss of memory, facial or bodily paralysis.

That's why prevention is the best strategy for fighting strokes .