Adapt your computer glasses to your look

Glasses have become a a real fashion accessory , which is why adapting your anti-blue light glasses to your style and tastes is now a important step .
Varionet offers a wide choice of frames so that each personality and style can find the pair that suits them. Passing from the classic form wayfarer to the pantos , without forgetting the butterfly or the shape round, they are all in the spotlight and for you.

Classic frames for a discreet look

The classic frames of genuine sure values , they are for those who do not wish to take risks. The square shape, wayfarer or rectangular will perfect your outfits and give you a classic but chic look in all circumstances.

Large frames for a star look

You are extroverted, you love fashion and being recognized from afar. So the large frames will satisfy you and will become real allied seduction . These are very trendy this year and are constantly being renewed among the great designers.

Round and rounded frames for a vintage look

The round frames and pants are both the stars of this new year! They will give you a retro chic look. A vintage style that suits you perfectly. If your face is square, rectangular or oval then do not hesitate and go find yours!

Colored frames for a fun look

The color frames are very fashionable, especially on sunny days. If you like your glasses to reflect your sparkling and crazy personality then opt for a beautiful colored frame.

Design frames for a Gamer look

You are a true Gamer or Geek, you like new technology and it is absolutely necessary that you protect your eyes from the harmful artificial blue light ? Then designer and minimalist glasses are made for you!