Presbyopia is a visual problem that usually appears after the age of 40, it is linked to the aging of the crystalline lens, the lens of the eye which plays the role of a natural objective to make objects sharp. For the new wearer of glasses the choice is difficult and complex. Indeed, there are many offers on the market and the prices very different.

Presbyopic glasses:

  • Magnifying glasses : they are only used to see closely, to perform tasks such as reading, sewing, writing...
  • mid-distance glasses : they allow you to see up close and offer a depth of field thanks to the decreasing lenses. They are ideal for screen work, cooking, music, DIY...
  • Progressive or multifocal glasses : they are useful when the patient sees poorly up close, but also from afar. These glasses are designed to see well at all distances, far, near and intermediate.
  • Bifocal or bifocal glasses : they are used less and less because they are replaced by progressive glasses. Bifocal glasses have a small patch on the bottom of the lenses to see up close and keep the distance vision correction on the rest of the lens.
  • Another solution for some years is the laser operation

Presbyopia glasses: their price

Presbyopia glasses have very different prices from a few euros to more than 1000€! The most expensive are progressive glasses or degressive glasses. Unfortunately, progressive glasses, not always very comfortable and well supported, are not enough, it is necessary to have another pair of glasses.

Varionet offers you degressive glasses from 39.00€ equipped with hardened mid-distance lenses for clear vision from 30 cm to 1 m! The innovative technology of this French-designed lens offers you low-cost protective glasses, anti-blue light glasses from Ray-ban, Tod's...

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