Be my eyes? What is that?

"Be My eyes" is a free application, a social network to help visually impaired people all over the world!

The application "Be my eyes" , be my eyes in French is from Denmark. Its creators wanted to create and develop a community to help visually impaired and blind people. It now has around 80,000 volunteers and more than 14,000 visually impaired people have already been helped.

It is available in 180 languages ​​for free on the Apple Store. It is downloadable on Android, we do not yet have information for the Windows phone operating system.

An application designed by a visually impaired person

This application was designed by a 50-year-old Dane. Himself visually impaired, he has succeeded in meeting a real need and seeks to provide better living comfort to the visually impaired. The application works by "video chat", in case of urgent need such as going to the street, reading a notice, an invoice ... the user connects and launches the video connection, if the volunteer is online then he answers him and remote assistance. A beautiful application since anyone, anywhere can, thanks to this one, lend their eyes even at the end of the world.

So if you also want to be part of the volunteers no more hesitation, go to