Christmas is fast approaching and it's the puzzle to find gifts. In recent years, the most requested gifts have been consoles, telephones, tablets and other digital devices, so to complete these beautiful presents, why not offer anti-blue light glasses for the screen ? Useful gifts for all, they are necessary to protect the eyes and vision of your loved ones while giving them a nice look!

For young players:

For the youngest children, with their Nintendo Switch console and games…a pair of Cool blue+ anti-blue light glasses without prescription . These glasses with innovative technology filter 100% of UV and harmful blue light thanks to a hi-tech material. They offer optimal protection without altering the colors and protect the eyes during long hours of play.

children's blue light protection glasses

For geeks, gamers... 18-40 years old:

For all screen users, with their new laptop, tablet or computer, a pair of anti-blue light rest glasses . These glasses are equipped with anti-fatigue lenses which not only relieve the accommodative effort of proximity but also protect against the blue light emitted by the various screens and LEDs. There is something for every budget! From 19.99€ in pantos or pilot form, you can also let yourself be tempted by Ray-ban, Tom Ford frames...

blue light filter bezel gamer geek gamer

For book readers, e-readers, "surfers"...:

Offer anti-blue light reading glasses with decreasing lenses for presbyopia after 40 years. These glasses offer comfort and clear vision from 30 cm to more than 1 m, near glasses perfect for lovers of reading on paper or computer, precision work...

anti blue light reading glasses

Complete your gifts with an accessory: cleaning spray, glasses holder, clip-on LED. ..