Anti-blue light glasses, a real utility for everyone

Anti-blue light glasses or computer glasses (link to “innovation” tab), everyone talks about it, but what are they and for whom?

Whether you are between 18 and 40 years old and have no visual defect or whether you are over 40 years old , with difficulty seeing up close, and if you work on a computer or if you use one or more screens daily at home and you experience visual fatigue then blue light blocking glasses are made for you!

blue light glasses for family

Students, geeks or young professionals looking for a relaxing vision

Young people, whether they are students, gamers, looking for a job or working, spend many hours in front of screens : PC, tablet, smartphone , they are “multi-screeners” . Their eyes are constantly exposed to harmful artificial blue light and UV rays, which leads to visual fatigue, various eye discomforts and even posture problems. To act effectively against these inconveniences and relieve them, blue light blocking glasses are a high quality alternative. Find vitality and visual comfort in front of your screens.

Ray-Ban anti-blue light glasses, Lacoste computer glasses, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford or even models at low prices, there is everything you need in our online optical store from €19.99

Presbyopic and connected, find a pleasant vision

At the end of the decade almost all presbyopes are "connected" ! This change in societal habits generates overexposure to blue light also for those over 40 who remain young and “trendy” ; hence the importance of protecting yourself to preserve your eyes as long as possible. Indeed, cataracts, AMD, dry eye syndrome are linked to the harmful rays of screens.

Whatever your prescription, we offer anti-blue light reading glasses fitted with Varionet digressive lenses on prescriptions from +1.00 to +3.50 and even on prescriptions with a prescription.

Do not hesitate ; test the Varionet anti-blue light glasses and adopt them!