Titanium has been a material increasingly used in the world of optical industry since the 1980s. Titanium glasses appeared in France around 1986 when they were already widespread in Japan.

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Origin and manufacture of titanium:

Discovered in 1791 by the British William Gregor, the first use of titanium dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, as an additive to cast iron and steel, in the form of ferro-titanium. It is the 22nd element of the periodic table, it has the symbol Ti. It is a stable element which belongs to the family of transition metals such as silver, cadmium… It is the 7th element in order of abundance in the earth's crust and most eruptive or sedentary rocks contain it. However, it is mainly imported from Australia.

The manufacture of titanium requires various complex operations that we will not develop… we will simply say that it is obtained in the form of a sponge from which the excess magnesium chloride is distilled under vacuum at around 1000°C. This sponge is then consolidated by vacuum fusion to obtain ingots or molded parts. These processes explain the cost of this material, which is also why it is also used with other materials in the form of an alloy such as beta-titanium .

Characteristics of titanium glasses, what are their advantages?

Titanium glasses are an excellent choice for wearers.

Titanium eyeglasses are extremely light on average 40 to 50% lighter than traditional metal frames.

It is scientifically recognized for these hypoallergenic properties.

In addition, titanium is a perfectly anti-corrosion material, it is resistant to perspiration as well as to sea water. It is the ideal material for people with acid sweat. Sweating and corrosive atmospheres are the lot of many people; titanium frames respond well to the exercise of certain professions or the practice of a sport.

Beta-titanium goggles

This material is more elastic than other materials usually used, the fit and comfort of titanium eyeglasses are superior. The frames deform little at the level of the face and the temples remain flexible.

That's why they are perfect for presbyopia magnifying glasses that you take off and put back on constantly.

If their price remains a little higher the advantages of titanium are undeniable. The solidity of the material combined with a timeless design make titanium glasses a high quality and timeless product.

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