Since the 2000s, safety glasses have evolved and become accessible to everyone. For many years the only solutions were to wear cumbersome over-glasses, to damage your glasses or to tinker with the naked eye without protection! Whether you need a correction or not, safety glasses are more and more adapted to the needs of each activity and each one.



Mecano wearing vision safety glasses Varionet Safety


Choosing the right protective glasses:

For more comfort and protection, safety glasses must be well covered. Choose large lenses that will give you a larger field of vision and frames with side shields that will protect your eyes from certain foreign bodies. Its protections must have a ventilation system in order to avoid as much as possible the formation of fog on the glasses which can be changeable when working. Even with a simple design, these must protect your eyes and ocular appendages from the dangers you may encounter.

The best way to ensure the reliability of your protective eyewear is to purchase safety glasses that meet EN166 standards . So you will be sure that the frame and the lenses withstand different tests carried out by different specialized laboratories such as impact resistance.

Varionet Safetypro anti-fog goggles

Varionet safety glasses:

Since 2009, Varionet has been offering vision safety glasses equipped with polycarbonate proximity lenses . This material is the most resistant to shocks (it is also used for the manufacture of motorcycle helmet visors) and it also protects against UV rays . The frame, also in transparent polycarbonate, is very resistant and allows light to pass through for great optical comfort. Several options are available: category 3 sunglasses, anti-fog lenses, color of the temples, etc.

Depending on your needs, we can also equip protective glasses according to your vision corrections from afar, near or progressive lenses for both.

We only have one pair of eyes throughout our lives! This is why we need to protect them with reliable safety glasses according to our activities: work, DIY, gardening, sport, etc.