What are the impacts of the time change on your eyes?

Sunday, October 30 will be the day for the transition to winter time. Although it is generally appreciated by sleepers since we will spend an extra hour under the duvet, we will lose an hour of sun in the evening!

This change combined with the shorter days leads to disturbances and genes in many people. The time change, even a small one, is destabilizing for the body and the eyes, especially since we know that retinal cells are the cause of "jet lag" or jet lag.

winter time

Less sun, more blue light...

With less sun we stay indoors more under the LEDs and in front of our various screens, exposure to blue light reaches its climax causing eye discomfort, headaches, difficulty falling asleep ... This is why it is essential to take advantage of natural light as soon as the sun rises so as not to disorient your circadian rhythm too much. Just like doing a relaxing activity before sleeping by avoiding television and other bright screens that prevent the body from properly secreting melatonin , the sleep hormone .

What about visibility on the road?

Another problem simply arises on the road. As a driver, you can be bothered by the lack of light and be dazzled by the headlights of other vehicles, this involving a certain visual effort and eye fatigue . In addition, you will have to be vigilant with pedestrians, scooter users, cyclists who are often not very visible. Bicycle or pedestrian accidents occur mainly in the evening and from October to February. So don't hesitate to check all the bulbs in your vehicle.

What glasses for the time change?

In order not to suffer too much from the harmful effects of artificial light, we recommend that you wear anti-blue light glasses whether you have a visual defect or not.

For night driving, equip yourself with night driving goggles or polarized goggles or goggles with yellow lenses. They will give you an impression of great luminosity and will remove the unpleasant effects of reverberation, the road and its surroundings will be clearer.