At each age his mount

The child will not wear the same form of glasses at 1 year, 4 years or 7 years. He will have to wear glasses adapted to his face and his age. From 0 to 36 months it will be necessary to favor round frames , from 4 to 7 years old oval frames and finally from 7 years old and up to 12 the very trendy square frames style "Wayfarer" from Ray-Ban.

We must not forget that wearing the pair of glasses must be a pleasure, the child must be happy to wear them otherwise he will only take them off and risk losing them or breaking them . To do this, opt for a pair with the image of his hero or his favorite color!

After 12 years, you can wear the glasses you want (unless contraindicated)

COOL BLUE + children's glasses

Varionet has developed a very last glass: COOL BLUE + ! This filters not 35% of the harmful artificial blue light given off by the screens but ... Almost 100%, unheard of. Such a glass was created for children and teenagers spending many hours in front of screens: computer, tablet, smartphone.

Varionet offers different brands for children and young teenagers: Lulu Castagnette , Newyork Yankees ,Titeuf , Tartine et chocolat

You will find round, oval and square shapes but also a very fashionable pilot for ages 7 and up.


Computer glasses for parents and grandparents

On the Varionet optical online site you will also find:

- Cool Blue glasses for 17/39 year olds

Computer glasses equipped with anti-harmful artificial blue light treatment for over 17s spending many hours in front of different screens.

- Presbyopia glasses with the Cool Blue option for over 40s

Reading glasses with progressive technology (clear vision over several distances). These glasses can also be equipped for 30€ more with Cool Blue anti-reflective coating. They will allow you to work, play, read in front of the screens with complete peace of mind.