Weon glasses selfie, the first sunglasses to take your selfies

The Weon glasses selfie are the very first sunglasses that will take your most beautiful selfies! Today in pre-order, they will soon be available for sale and they will accompany you in all your outings. Weon glasses selfies are made in spain sunglasses , developed by renowned designers. This new gadget will quickly become a “ must-have ” that internet influencers will snap up!

A crowdfunding selfie sunglasses project

Weon glasses selfie is a project currently in crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform! You can help the startup by contributing to the project up to:

- 19€

- 29€

- 39€

- 69€

- 159€

- 299€

- 2990€

For all entries, the brand offers one or more pairs of selfie sunglasses as a reward (depending on the amount of the contribution).

These sunglasses are created in Spain for better quality and better management of raw materials.

Bluetooth-connected selfie glasses available on Android and IOS

The Weon glasses selfies must be paired via bluetooth on a smartphone to work. In order to take your most beautiful selfies or videos, simply place the smartphone about 60 cm away and you can take photos/videos instantly or delayed via the self-timer.

For the launch you will find two shapes, square and round, mirror lenses, simple or polarized!