The Ray-Ban eyewear brand was created in the USA by two German immigrants John Bausch and Henry Lomb in 1936.

After a hot-air balloon flight, the aviator John Mac Cready dazzled by the sun, asked these opticians to make covering sunglasses to preserve vision and offer panoramic vision, this is how the famous Aviator sunglasses were born. equipped with G15 solar glass in a grey-green tint.

ray ban aviator glasses

In 2020, more than 80 years after the appearance of the first Aviator glasses , these are still trendy and have been revisited by the Italian manufacturer Luxottica, owner of Ray-Ban since 1999 and many other brands!
For many years, Ray-Ban has remained number 1 in sales in eyewear stores.

Ray-Ban, another fashion standard

Over time, Ray-Ban has become a necessary fashion accessory for everyone: stars, politicians, journalists... Recognizable sunglasses or views on the heads of "people" have allowed Ray Ban to become essential fashion glasses, a standard still in vogue and accessible to all. Because everyone can afford a pair of Ray-ban thanks to inexpensive prices.

rayban blue light blocking glasses

Ray-Ban computer glasses

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Ray-Ban anti-blue light glasses are a very useful accessory for everyone, with their Cool Blue lenses, they protect your eyes in front of computer or smartphone screens and reduce your visual fatigue while preserving your visual health capital.

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