Tips for optimal remote working

It's no secret that we are living in complex times; almost the whole world is confined and for a lot more work! Others, more fortunate, practice telework, at Varionet this is the case and do it regularly and we offer you some advice to make the most of this period.

blue light glasses for telecommuting

  • dress up

Try to keep a rhythm: get up at your usual working hours, shower, take care of yourself and get dressed. Don't spend all day in your pajamas with greasy hair...

  • isolate yourself

It is important to work well, to concentrate well, to have an office, a space dedicated to your work. A space where you can isolate yourself from the rest of the house, your family and which unconsciously will be associated with work.

  • Take the air

It is essential to get oxygen as much as possible. If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a balcony, go out several times during the day, breathe well and empty your mind... take short breaks to break the routine of confinement!

  • Be regular

It is very important to keep a regular rhythm : get up, eat, break… at the usual times. Set yourself a start and end time so you don't feel like you're doing just that. Keep your 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. for example.

  • rest your eyes

Telecommuting is synonymous with screens . You spend even more time in front of your various screens: PC, tablets, smartphones…. This is why it is essential to take regular breaks, yoga and wear blue light blocking glasses to reduce eye strain.