Varionet offers cool and fashionable blue light blocking glasses for children of all ages. Varionet glasses come in different shapes, fun , colorful and all at low prices!

All children's blue light blocking glasses are equipped with the Cool Blue + innovation; these lenses filter out 100% of UV rays and blue light that are harmful to the body, but allow the "good blue light" to pass, the blue-turquoise light that is beneficial to the body, a good mood, the biological clock, etc.

Cool blue + glasses for whom?

Varionet offers Cool Blue + anti-blue light glasses without correction to protect the eyes and bodies of children and adolescents who do not have visual problems. For nearsighted, astigmatic or farsighted people, we advise you to contact your optician with a prescription in order to best equip the youngest.

For all the others, the "well-sighted", we recommend that you choose anti-blue light glasses as a preventive measure to avoid damage to the retina during hours in front of screens.

Also take advantage of Christmas to attach to their Nintendo Switch or their favorite game a pair of anti-blue light goggles?

How to choose blue light blocking glasses?

To be worn, uncorrected glasses must appeal to children; often they will like to have the same glasses as dad or mum... and like their parents they will want dark glasses!

Here is a size guide to help you choose:

Size S

Small size frames are generally suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years. These glasses are light, made of resistant materials and fun. Almost all our models are unisex.

Size M

These mid-size frames are perfect for tweens or big kids ages 8-12.

Size L

These glasses are ideal for pre-teens with a large face or for young people after 12 years. They adopt a cool style all at a friendly price!