Tom Ford glasses for men or women are tasteful glasses!
Tom Ford, this American who touches everything, has influenced fashion, cinema and people.
Stylist and artistic director at Gucci, he relaunched this brand in sharp decline and gave it a chic and contemporary image.
Then at Yves St Laurent, he got involved in communication and creation.
After these successes, he launched his own brand and diversified into the production of clothing lines, accessories and glasses.

Tom Ford glasses have current chic, vintage or retro shapes. These frames are made with quality materials: beautiful acetate plates, Japanese titanium... they are designed by the creator himself and specially designed for eyewear lovers.

Their little extra: the iconic T on the temples or the front.

Varionet offers you safe bets to wear as multi-distance reading glasses or anti-blue light glasses .
These timeless and easy to adopt frames are a major asset of the Tom Ford brand.