Protect children's eyes from screens

The Varionet Cool Blue+ anti-blue light glasses are there to protect children 's eyes from various screens. At home to play, watch television or at school during their computer lessons, so many occasions that require the use of glasses to protect their eyes...

The Cool Blue+ anti-blue light glasses have no correction, they are specific glasses that filter the harmful blue light emitted by LEDs, computer, telephone... These glasses are to be worn preventively to avoid damage over time. term the lens and especially the retina of immature eyes.

Children more exposed to blue-violet light

Currently, children spend an average of 6 to 7 hours looking at a screen of any kind: TV, tablets, computer, LED environment… the eyes of young people are growing and their lens allows harmful rays to enter the eye much more ( UV and blue light) these can then reach the retina and create irreversible damage. This is why it is not only necessary to protect them outside with sunglasses and against artificial lights with anti-blue light glasses .

Advantages of Cool Blue + glasses

Cool Blue+ blue light blocking glasses provide good selective protection:

  • UV and harmful blue-violet light are effectively filtered while letting through the "good blue light" essential to the body for our daily balance.

These glasses provide you with perfect contrast and excellent vision:

  • The Cool Blue+ material offers you an optimal quality of vision with comfort and sharpness, the high-performance anti-reflective treatment reduces the effects of glare.

Cool Blue + glasses are light, resistant and easy to maintain.

For children with a visual defect, we advise you to consult your ophthalmologist, anti-blue light glasses are also available for them.