Branded or non- branded sunglasses are as fragile as eyeglasses . To be able to enjoy it for several years or at least during the summer, it is important to have the good gestures and good methods of cleaning. Through this article you will find simple and judicious information to extend the life of your favorite sunglasses!

How to take care of your sunglasses?

To take care of your sunglasses, it is important to put them in a case. Indeed if they are protected, they will be sheltered from dust, humidity, they will not undergo deformation and will not be broken. It is also necessary to have a microfiber that will wash your glasses safely.
Several ways to wash your sunglasses;

  • a cleansing wipe soaked in alcoholic water , easy to use and practical because they are also bactericidal, virucidal... and fit in a pocket.
  • an optical cleaning spray and a microfiber , the most effective! Spray and microfibre to slip into a bag to always have them at hand.
  • At home, with cold water and a drop of liquid soap. Then wipe your glasses with a soft cloth.

Attention never wash your glasses with alcohol, acetone or a corrosive product under penalty of damaging your glasses and the treatment of your lenses.

How to clean your sunglasses thoroughly?

There is one last method to clean your sunglasses thoroughly, that of the ultrasonic tank . To do this, take your glasses to an optician, who will return them to you as clean as new. However, be careful not to abuse this system which, in high doses, damages the frame and the lenses. Once or twice a year is ideal .