Protect your eyesight and your body from diseases linked to artificial blue light

Harmful artificial blue light screens give off has harmful effects on our body. In addition to causing eye irritation, it increases the risk of cancers, diabetes, obesity and depression . Today not all of the diseases that blue light can cause are known... This is why it is important to protect your eyesight as soon as possible.

Harmful blue light and AMD

Age-related macular degeneration is a visual disease that causes loss of central vision . This is partly caused by age and tobacco. Indeed, a person who smokes has a greater chance of having this visual disease than a person who does not smoke. However, today we know that other factors such as obesity or harmful artificial blue light cause this irreversible visual disease.

Artificial blue light and obesity, depression, heart disease and some forms of cancer

Chronic and massive exposure to blue light (especially at night or in a dark room) can decrease the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Harvard researchers have studied blue light, although negative effects of this artificial blue light have been proven , we still don't know why this artificial light is so dangerous. After having studied blue light on several types of cancer, in particular breast and prostate cancer, but also on obesity, depression, heart disease and diabetes, it emerged that it neutralizes melatonin and it has catastrophic effects on our body.

visual fatigue

According to " bluelight », specialized blog on blue light, 70% of adults who report regular use of digital devices have experienced symptoms of digital eyestrain , but many have done nothing to alleviate their discomfort due primarily to a lack of knowledge.

Consider purchasing a pair of anti-artificial blue light glasses today.