Myopia, an epidemic

Myopia affects 40% of young people in Europe, in Asia it affects 90% of students at the end of their studies, alarming figures. Even if the genetic factor is important, the new lifestyle of young people indoors, in front of screens, leads us to believe that it is also one of the causes of this growth. Optometrists, doctors and researchers are increasingly interested in this subject, which they even call “an epidemic”.

Myopia, what is it?

Myopia is a vision disorder that causes blurry distance vision . This disorder is due to an excessive length of the eye and must be corrected by wearing glasses or contact lenses. Myopia stabilizes from the age of 20/25, once it is stable it is possible to undergo an operation to improve your quality of life by eliminating the wearing of glasses and/or contact lenses.

Environmental factors, major causes of myopia

Children and students are spending more time indoors than before. With the rise of the internet and consoles, they have never been so much in front of screens and sought close vision. A new way of life that has serious consequences on their health and eyesight. Indeed, practicing outdoor activities allows the eye to rest and exposes individuals to natural light . This releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that stops the growth of the eye and therefore naturally fights myopia.

Protect yourself from myopia

In order to reduce the risk of myopia, it is important to encourage children to go out and play outdoors. It is necessary to curb indoor games that require a screen: TV, computer, tablet, smartphone because this artificial light increases the risk of myopia. For the youngest we offer Cool Blue + anti-blue light glasses , without correction they filter UV and harmful blue light thanks to their innovative material.
For students, the wearing of blue light blocking glasses to decrease the effects of harmful artificial light is necessary. From €39.00, we offer computer glasses with Cool blue anti-reflective treatment.