Free 451 Blue Light Blocking Glasses Black and Purple

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Anti-blue light glasses Free 451 Black and Purple

The Free 451 Black and Purple anti-blue light glasses are glasses from the Free collection.

With 134 mm wide and 50 mm x 41 mm lenses, the Free 451 Black and Purple anti-blue light glasses ensure optimal comfort and protect your eyes from harmful screen light.

The Free 451 anti-blue light glasses are rest glasses with Cool Blue anti-reflective treatment. These anti-blue light glasses have a minimal universal correction which relieves the accommodation efforts involved when working on a PC, screen, tablets, etc. Anti-fatigue glasses for those under 40.

The Free 451 Black and Purple Glasses come with a free microfiber and optical case!

Dimensions Free 451 Glasses Black and Purple
134mm 50mm 41mm 17mm 140mm

Customer Reviews

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Brastel Harmony

I'm very happy with these glasses, I put them on whenever I'm on my computer or smartphone and my eyes are much less tired and there are fewer migraines.