Varionet Relax blue light blocking glasses Tortoiseshell

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The Varionet Relax Ecaille anti-blue light glasses are rest glasses from the Varionet collection.

With 135 mm wide and 50 mm x 40 mm lenses, the Varionet Relax Ecaille anti-blue light glasses ensure optimal comfort and protect your eyes from harmful light emitted by screens.

The Varionet Relax anti-blue light glasses are equipped with Cool Blue + rest lenses, an innovative material that filters UV and blue-violet light.

Real anti-blue light rest glasses that offer you visual well-being. The high-performance anti-reflective treatment reduces feelings of glare, while improving contrasts. Ideal for long hours in front of screens.

The Varionet Relax Glasses are delivered with an optical case and a nice box!
Dimensions Varionet Relax Sunglasses Tortoiseshell
135mm 50mm 40mm 19mm 140mm

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Elfidio Alonso


Jean-Claude Mariotte

Ces lunettes me conviennent. J'ai été opéré de la cataracte et je porte ces lunettes en permanence : elles atténuent la lumière.
N.B. Mon prénom est Jean-Claude et non Jean. Patronyme : MARIOTTE