Do you tend to rub your eyes? And you wonder why and is it dangerous in this time of COVID-19?

rub his eyes?

Why are you rubbing your eyes?

This could be due to several things. You may have dry eyes, an eye infection, wear contact lenses, be prone to allergies or another health problem. Rubbing your eyes has become a habit or even a reflex for you. However, you should avoid these frictions which can have disastrous effects on your eye health and your general condition.

Some causes leading to this friction?

Different health problems can cause this need to rub, scratch...

- conjunctivitis: this is an inflammation or infection of the common conjunctiva. It is transmitted quickly by bacteria or virus when you touch your eyes with your fingers. Your eyes turn pinkish-red and a yellowish liquid flows out of the corners of the eye, the canthi. It is usually not painful but conjunctivitis causes itching; conjunctivitis can be very contagious, which is why it is imperative not to rub your eyes...

- allergies: there are many seasonal allergies, allergies often linked to pollens that cause sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy nose, itchy palate and itchy eyes that force them to rub. Allergies can also be linked to food, insect bites, drugs and cause edema followed by itching!

- blepharitis: this is an inflammation of the eyelids characterized by the slightly thickened palpebral edge, a slight redness and crusts at the base of the eyelashes.

-Eye fatigue : it is often linked to intense work in near vision, a long time spent in front of screens without looking outside and forgetting to blink. It causes burning and scratching.

- Dry eyes : you miss tears which causes itchy eyes.

- Wearing contact lenses: like any foreign body in the eye, contact lenses can cause severe irritation.

A cold, rhinitis, sinusitis, all ENT conditions can cause irritation, itchy eyes that make you want to scratch!

Can you hurt yourself by rubbing your eyes?

Rubbing or scratching your eyes vigorously several times a day can damage your eye: cornea or lens . This can promote the development of keratoconus, an irreversible deformation of the cornea with loss of vision , visual impairment, or an infection requiring medical attention. If you notice some of these symptoms we advise you to consult an ophthalmologist for a check-up:

  • eye pain
  • Reduced vision and blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Redness or inflammation
  • Headache

How not to rub your eyes?

The best way ? Know the cause of the friction to treat it, which is why it is best to talk about it with your doctor first, who will choose to refer you to the most suitable specialist.

While waiting to consult, you can opt for natural and simple “remedies” to relieve yourself:

  • Apply a warm compress to your eyes to relieve irritation.
  • Hydrate, regularly clean your eyes with saline solution
  • Wear computer glasses without correction to create a barrier
  • Be aware of what you are doing with your hands, avoid the "reflex" side of this friction to advantageously resist the urge to scratch.

In any case, KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN! Essential to prevent germs from spreading to your face and eyes, important especially in times of COVID-19 contamination.