Good nutrition for good vision

Eating well is essential to seeing well. Indeed, certain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals help us naturally to protect our vision from the irreversible effects of age. With good nutrition, the risk of vision loss is reduced. considerably reduced .

Foods friendly to our eyes

- Vitamin A, essential for the retina
• Eggs
• Butter
• Meat
• Tomatoes
• Apricots
• Peppers

- Beta-carotene, antioxidant precursor of vitamin A
• Carrots
• Apricots
• Sweet potatoes
• Mangoes
• Papayas
• Tomatoes

- Vitamin C protects the cornea and lens from oxidation and helps prevent cataracts
• Citrus
• Green leafy vegetables
• Cabbage

- Lutein and zeaxanthin, components of the macula against cataracts and AMD
• Yellow, orange or green fruits and vegetables

- Omega-3, to maintain the retina and against dry eyes
• Fish

Exposing ourselves to the sun so that our eyes do not lack vitamin D

Although some foods have vitamin D, it is important to go out and expose yourself to at least 15 minutes a day under the sun. UV will allow your eyes not to miss this essential vitamin . If you have children encourage them to play outside and expose themselves to the sun (watch out for over-exposure!).

Conclusion on what it does good for us

To have beautiful healthy eyes, it is It is important to eat a varied and balanced diet without forgetting fruits and vegetables which contain many vitamins. To protect your eyesight, you must also subtract two components: Cigarette smoke and the sun's rays, so avoid smoking and wear protective clothing.  sunglasses to protect your eyes from early aging .