The good weather is back and we are taking advantage of the weekends in May to garden, clear brush, do some DIY…

Many traumas, shocks or eye injuries are counted each year and about 50% of them occur at home.

Be safe also at home:

For most of us, safety glasses or goggles are synonymous with the workplace; we think of certain professions in the chemical, agricultural, steel industries… and many mundane everyday tasks, such as mowing the lawn, the use of household products, seem to us without danger.

A few tips to protect your eyes and those of your loved ones:

  • Use of protective glasses : wear standardized safety glasses appropriate to your visual needs and the tasks to be performed. These must protect you from wood chips, dust, chemicals, projectiles... and offer you a clear, sharp and precise vision. They can be solar or corrective for local work.
  • For tinkering, undertaking work, make sure you have good lighting
  • Remove debris before construction sites: for example, remove stones before mowing, these can be dangerous for you and for the people around, especially small children.
  • Properly store dangerous products and tools, taking care that they are not accessible to children.
  • Wash your hands well after using household products, phytosanitary products, etc.

For easy and comfortable protection, we offer Varionet Safety glasses equipped with anti-blue light lenses or decreasing lenses for those over 40 . These protective glasses meet the EN 166 FT standard, they are made of polycarbonate and their lenses resist the impact of a steel ball 6 mm in diameter and 0.86 g launched at a speed of 45 m/s. Varionet Safety Pro goggles have an additional feature: high performance surface anti-fog .

Let's not forget that we only have 2 eyes and that 80% of the information in our daily life comes from sight.

In a few words to end:

Always wear protective glasses for DIY, gardening, etc.

Prohibit the youngest from dangerous games, crossbows, ball guns...

In case of trauma, consult an ophthalmologist urgently and do not touch the damaged eye.