The meeting of technology and innovation, even simple accessories can offer multiple functionalities to improve our daily lives. This is the case for reading glasses equipped with polarized and magnetic solar clips . it's a smart choice for anyone looking to combine sharpness, practicality and visual comfort.

Easy-to-use glasses:

The first thing about reading glasses equipped with a solar clip is their ease of use. Their design is ingenious, in fact the solar clip attaches easily and almost naturally to the frame of the reading glasses using magnets. This makes it easy to move from indoor reading to outdoor activities. No more manipulation, these glasses offer a practical and quick solution to adapt to different light levels.

Practical everyday glasses:

Imagine yourself on a deckchair reading a good book in strong sunshine. With reading glasses equipped with a solar clip, no need to choose between protecting your eyes or continuing your reading! All you have to do is attach the solar clip to your glasses and you're ready to enjoy the sun while protecting your eyes. This advantage is appreciable when traveling, for reading at the beach, in a park or on the terrace of a café.

Wise investment:

Investing in a pair of reading glasses with a solar clip is a wise decision for those who value their visual comfort. Opting for this 2-in-1 solution means avoiding managing two different pairs of glasses. You thus benefit from effective sun protection for your eyes, thus reducing the risks linked to prolonged exposure to UV rays, from a polarized lens for greater comfort by avoiding reflections due to reverberation.

Reading glasses with polarized and magnetic solar clip offer a perfect combination of practicality, comfort and protection for your eyes. Their ease of use and versatility make them an essential accessory for anyone who loves reading in all circumstances. Varionet offers you a selection of different models to be fitted with presbyopia lenses from €89.00, frame + hardened graduated lenses.