Sight is, among our 5 senses , the one we use the most. This is why protecting your eyesight in summer with the intensity of the sun is important? Our eyes are fragile and need to be taken care of.


What are the risks of the sun for your eyes?

On the front of the eye is the cornea, it protects the eyes from UV rays from the sun . UV or ultraviolet is part of the sun's radiation . It is a light invisible to the naked eye but yet always present.

In small doses, UV rays provide us with vitamin D and allow us to tan. In high doses, UV rays become dangerous . There are 5 UV indices, from low to extreme risk. From the first clue, you must protect your eyes , so as not to risk damaging the cornea. Once the cornea is damaged, the sensitive parts of the eyes can be affected. And our vision is in danger .

UV - eye hazard

Indeed, there are many diseases linked to overexposure of the eyes to ultraviolet rays such as:

- keratitis : it is an inflammation of the cornea which is revealed by a burning sensation.

- ophthalmia : this is a real " sunburn " of the cornea.

- cataracts : if the lens (sensitive part of the eye behind the cornea) is too exposed to the sun, it will age prematurely, lose its transparency and become opaque . Those over 65 are more affected due to old age and the sensitivity of their eyes.

- AMD : Age-Related Macular Degeneration is a condition that generally appears after the age of 50 and after the retina has been exposed to too much UV . Today, it concerns more than one million French people.

How to protect yourself?


The main recommendation is of course to wear sunglasses on sunny days.

To choose them well, you must consider a few criteria :

1. The UV filter

Please note that not all sunglasses are equipped with 100% UV filtering lenses!
To recognize them, they must include a written mention “100% UV” . "UV400" or "E-SPF 50" indicates superior filter performance. Certain materials such as polycarbonate naturally filter 100% of UV rays. Without a UV filter on your sunglasses, your eyes are in danger.

2. The intensity of the tint

The darker a lens, the more it reduces the amount of light entering the eye. The intensity also protects you from glare . The color of the sunglasses does not affect UV protection.

On the other hand, you can choose polarized glasses with polarized lenses: they have a filter that removes reflections (sea, road, etc.) and limits reverberation and glare . You then have a better vision precision .

polarized glasses

3. Lens quality

Even without correction, there are different optical qualities of sun lenses. It is recommended to buy your sunglasses from a vision professional.

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