presbyopia is a visual gene affecting people after 40 years; these have gradually more than more difficulties to read closely .
To correct this defect, several solutions are available to us: magnifying reading glasses, degressive glasses, progressive glasses, bifocals, contact lenses, implant.
We will focus more particularly on reading glasses and with degressive glasses .
In optics, near vision is 40 cm from the eye, it is called Harmon's distance and is equivalent to the length from the elbow to the folded fist. This is what we use to do an eye exam.
Reading glasses, near vision glasses or magnifying glasses are glasses used since the Middle Ages .

There are 2 types of reading glasses:

  • Custom glasses: These are glasses on which we adapt the glasses prescribed by the ophthalmologist or the optician-optometrist after eye examination. They take into account all the personal parameters of each individual: visual defect of distance vision (myopia, astigmatism, etc.), pupillary distance, etc.
    Pre-mounted glasses: These glasses only correct presbyopia with convex lenses from +1.00 to +3.50. The mounting pupillary distance used is the standard pupillary distance, ie 62 mm for men and 59 mm for women. These glasses are suitable for emmetropic people (without visual defect) or people who have become emmetropized by wearing contact lenses or after an operation.
    With this type of equipment, near vision is only possible at 40 cm; beyond that everything is blurry. It is therefore impossible to move around, watch television or work on screen with it.
    With the use of the computer, new visual needs have appeared and researchers have developed a lens to correct different areas of near vision: near vision at 40 cm sharp as well as vision of our near environment. This mid-distance lens takes up the design of the progressive lens. On the top of the lens is the intermediate vision correction and on the bottom a stronger correction for near vision.

There are also 2 kinds of degressive glasses:

  • Proximity glasses: based on your prescription or eye exam. They take your personal settings into account and are fitted with office glasses such as Interview, Access, etc.
  • Pre-mounted glasses: they correct presbyopia corrections from +1.00 to +3.50 and are fitted according to standard pupillary distances. On we offer you to equip branded frames, Ray-ban, CK, Tom Ford, Gucci… with our degressive lenses.
    These glasses offer a clear wide vision corridor hence their interest for screen work. In addition, its adaptation is immediate and its optimal comfort, it is the ideal lens for young presbyopes or emmetropic presbyopes.
  • For more comfort, sharpness and contrast you can choose the "cool blue" anti-blue light treatment on all branded reading glasses .


Why use degressive reading glasses?

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