The snow and the long-awaited vacation are finally here. Many of you enjoy the various activities offered by the snow-capped mountains: skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing… for all these activities wearing sunglasses is essential due to the strong solar radiation and reverberation . In winter, the sun is lower and its rays skim the earth, making them more annoying and dangerous. At the same time UV radiation is up to 8 times stronger on snow due to their reflective properties.

For winter sports, even on cloudy days , the sunglasses chosen must have certain essential characteristics:

  • Impact resistance
  • Lightness
  • Adaptability for a comfortable fit
  • UV protection
  • Category 3 or 4 glasses
  • Polarized lenses and mirror treatment

Many people do not protect themselves or poorly and then suffer from snow blindness, it is an inflammation of the cornea linked to prolonged exposure to UV rays, it is comparable to sunburn. Symptoms often appear a few hours after exposure.

For optimal comfort, we offer a selection of easy-to-wear sunglasses with polarized and mirrored lenses, they are extremely light and protect you from UV rays and glare.

Let's not forget the youngest, children or teenagers, by equipping them with a mask or following the activity with simple sunglasses .