The spring is coming. After a long winter for some, we rediscovered the benefits of the sun, the wonder of the flora that flourishes and we wandered in the countryside, the city, the sea or the mountains.


However, many of us rubbed our eyes, had unpleasant sensations of small stones under the eyelids and this beautiful weekend which promised to be so pleasant was marred by some inconveniences due to allergic conjunctivitis .

This is how for some, beautiful spring days end with itchy red eyes and swollen eyelids . For a few unfortunate people, there will be extremely serious situations leading to anaphylactic shock which can be fatal.

The most far-sighted had their eye drops. Others have the option of rinsing their eyes with water, but the best is sea water!
These unpleasant and sometimes serious harms come from pollen carried by the wind from some of our most beautiful trees. Let us cite: alder, birch, hornbeam, hazel, chestnut, oak, beech, olive, ash, privet, cypress, willow, poplar.

To this must be added, grasses and pretty flowers such as daisies or daisies but also wheat, barley and nettles. All regions are affected.

Namely, it is in March and April that the first pollens are present in the air, but we find them from May until July. The Rhône Alpes region experiences problems with ragweed until August and September. This period is therefore very long.

Due to the range of allergens to which we may be sensitive, we must take measures to protect ourselves as much as possible from pollen in the air during these periods.

Simple actions to fight against allergies

What to do ?

  • Close the windows of houses, but also of cars in case of wind, do not hang your laundry in the garden to prevent pollen from settling there and above all avoid other sources of allergies which can amplify the effect of attacks.
  • Pay attention to dust and mites, as well as pet hair and any fruits or food products to which you are sensitive and which cause itchy throat, lips or even fevers.
  • Protect your eyes: equip yourself with protective sunglasses or goggles, especially when working outdoors.
  • Equip yourself with respiratory masks for gardening: since the COVID period, we all have respiratory masks at home, take advantage of this to also use them during various work.

In September, you can start a desensitization treatment. You have to wait to start until the pollen and grass season is over. In 2 to 3 years, the effect of desensitization will be evident and after a few years a bad memory.

Adults and children, more and more of us are subject to these attacks of allergies, to pollen, grasses, foods, etc. Our ancestors and the oldest among us were and are less so, because that they were confronted with a less immune world. From childhood, they were able to develop protections that we no longer have in our aseptic world.

However, we must take our reality into account and above all protect vulnerable people from a certain mass of allergenic attacks while waiting until they can be desensitized.

During this period, the cat should no longer sleep on the bed but in the next room for a while. Above all, don't separate yourself from him! This will not solve anything and will only be wanton and irresponsible abandonment.

On your vacuum cleaners! Spring cleaning is in order.