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Electronic lenses

Electronic lenses for presbyopia

verres électronique 

New lenses are revolutionizing the world of optics and give hope for visual comfort for all presbyopes. This electronic glass may replace the multifocal progressive lenses using liquid crystals integrated into the bottom of the glass. They can regulatethe refraction of light depending on the needs or circumstances of the individual wearer.

Features of the electronic glasses for presbyopes

The electronic lens will fit the best correction for the patient, the glass does not deform the visual field like progressive lenses do. The powerful technology of this new-generation glass allows presbyopes to achieve perfectly clear vision adapted to each individual by reducing the risk of discomfort, deformation of the visual field and of optical aberrations.

How it works

Just touching the frame turns the liquid crystal on, so that the glasses are tuned for near vision. The frame carries a battery with a life of 2 to 3 days. So the wearer must remember to charge them regularly. Today there are already a few versions of "PixelOptics" glasses. The price of these glasses is around 800 euros.

Proximity reading glasses Varionet

Varionet also offers revolutionary near-vision glasses for presbyopia from € 39.90. In fact, thanks to glasses developed by Mavu Opticians it is now possible to achieve clear near and intermediate vision with a single lens, unlike traditional reading glasses found in pharmacies… An effective alternative at a lower cost.