Work, re-entry and eyestrain

The month of September is here, synonymous with back to school and this is a sign that the holidays are beautiful and well over! Summer is coming to an end and autumn is on its way. We have to adapt to the days that are getting shorter and it is common for eyestrain to appear. No more idleness, little naps, the daily routine is back with the long hours spent in front of digital devices and paperwork. Screens, close work can affect sight but not only; indeed your vision can also be weakened after the summer if no precautions have been taken against the sun (cap, sunglasses, etc.)

eyestrain at work

What are visual genes during recovery?

Visual fatigue and dry eyes are the most common damage occurring after several hours in front of the computer .

Staring at the computer screen for a long time reduces blinking and thus the production of tears causing dry eyes , the feeling of sand in the eyes...

Visual fatigue is generated by overexertion of the eye muscles over a long period of time . We could compare this effort to a marathon, in which case we understand that we can be tired! Visual fatigue is manifested by itchy eyes or burning sensations. Often the eyes redden and the vision becomes blurred. Added to this are regular headaches, neck pain, dizziness....

Some tips to avoid eye strain

Here are some suggestions to better understand the return to work and visual fatigue:

  • Place your screen at the correct distance, ensuring that it is at eye level.
  • Feel free to increase the font size, your eyes will strain less
  • Take a break without a mobile by looking as far as possible, take the opportunity to drink a coffee, a tea, do eye yoga
  • Blink regularly, moisturize your conjunctiva with saline to avoid dryness, and don't rub your eyes.
  • work in a bright place with natural light.
  • Schedule an eye exam with your ophthalmologist, eyestrain can be a sign of presbyopia .
  • Wear blue- blocking glasses equipped with rest lenses for emmetropes or with the appropriate correction according to your needs.